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Author Cora Seton

AnnouncementsSep 6th, 2013

Get Walking

I love just about everything about writing, except the fact that I have to sit while I do it. Before writing became my career, I was pretty active, but a combination of getting older, moving, and sitting in front of a computer daydreaming up new ways to torture my characters has left me out of shape. Luckily, I have an…

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Cowboys of Chance CreekSep 3rd, 2013

The Cowboy Imports a Bride is Here!

Now available in ebook and print format! Rob Matheson’s a fighter. Flattening enemies with his fists or with his legendary practical jokes, he’s a tough enemy, and a troublesome friend. But Rob doesn’t know how much longer he can keep up the act. As his buddies get married one by one, he’s left with his lonely life – and the…

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AnnouncementsSep 2nd, 2013

Yummy Brussels Sprouts!

I love Brussels Sprouts, and as I've said earlier, I had no idea you could just grow them in your garden. I spent a decade in Santa Cruz, California, where farmers grow them on the cliffs beside the ocean up Highway One, and I'd always supposed it took that exactly climate to be able to grow them correctly. Happily, I…

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