September 6, 2013

Get Walking

I love just about everything about writing, except the fact that I have to sit while I do it. Before writing became my career, I was pretty active, but a combination of getting older, moving, and sitting in front of a computer daydreaming up new ways to torture my characters has left me out of shape.
Luckily, I have an 11-year-old daughter who loves to walk, too, and what’s better–loves to walk with me. Now I’m getting up in time to shower, do some yoga, journal, and walk the 2 miles to her school and back. Then picking her up in the afternoon, too.
That’s four miles a day. I’m aiming for five, though. Just need to add in another short walk in the evenings and I’m golden.
I plan to start taking along my camera, too, so brace yourself for lots of “early sun on the mountains” type pictures….
Okay – that’s not a “sun on the mountains” picture. That’s a whole different story. 😉