April 10, 2013

More Reviews for The Cowboy’s E-Mail Order Bride!

It’s been such a busy week because I’m writing a first draft of Book 3 of The Cowboy’s of Chance Creek series. That’s two first drafts back to back, or for those of you who like numbers – 100,000 words in one month! (Head hits desk!)

But I had to pass on links to two more great reviews for The Cowboy’s E-Mail Order Bride. I’m so excited that people are enjoying the story. I feel like I’ve found my voice with this series and that’s good – because I have tons of story lines to go with it.

Wanda McLeod writes, “Really who doesn’t love a sexy cowboy story! But this book was so much more, great storyline and very well written!”

Denise Koopman says, “I loved this book a whole bunch.It really is a good story.I think every person who is a romantic needs to read this book!Read this book!”

Music to a writer’s ears, ladies – thanks so much!