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Author Cora Seton


House for Sale Soldier Included

House for Sale Soldier Included will release in 2023. Sign up  for my newsletter to receive updates, including a notification when it goes on sale.

After 12 years with the special forces, it’s time for Lincoln Elliott to return home to pay his debts. He convinced his father to purchase new mill equipment right before the price of lumber crashed—and he’s the one who’s going to resurrect his family’s business and pay back every penny they owe. He’s ready to settle down and find a wife, too. When Lincoln meets Charlotte Holmes at the Chance Creek airport, he knows he’s got to keep her on Elliott Ridge long enough for them to see if the spark between them can turn into something more, so he offers to sell her his house for a dollar—and offers to renovate it, too. He’ll work night and day if that’s what it takes to earn Charlotte’s love. If only she’d tell him what she’s so afraid of.

Charlotte Holmes thought she’d won the jackpot when legendary racehorse owner, Lewis Gasperyn, paid her way through veterinary school, but her dream position working at his stables turned into a nightmare. Now she’s witnessed a murder and she’s on the run, so when Lincoln offers her a home in the remote ghost town he’s bringing back to life, she says yes. Life on Elliott Ridge turns out to be everything she always wanted and Lincoln is the kind of man she’s always wanted to meet. Can she let her guard down and fall in love with him?

Lincoln knows he’s found the woman he wants to spend his life with, but when a stranger shows up looking for a stolen horse, it’s clear that Charlotte is in trouble.

Can Lincoln save her in time?

Or is happiness out of his reach—for good?

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