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Author Cora Seton


House for Sale Navy SEAL Included

He’s bringing a ghost town back to life…

Ten years ago, desperate to save his father’s life, Carter Elliott pulled the plug on Elliott Ridge, the failing company town owned by his family for generations. After a decade with the Navy SEALs, he’s back to resurrect it so he can bring his father home. He’s ready to start a family of his own, too, but first he’ll need a wife. The minute Carter meets Amanda Stakewell, he knows she’s everything he’s been looking for, so he offers to sell her his house for a dollar—and to renovate it for her, too.

She’s searching for a place to call home…

Three months ago, Amanda allowed her father back into her life, but when she discovers he’s swapped one of his forgeries for a masterpiece, she steals the original from him, determined to return it. Too late, she learns a far more deadly criminal is after the painting. Now she’s on the run and a small, abandoned logging town sounds like the perfect place to hide. She’s willing to trade a dollar for a temporary roof over her head. And if a handsome Navy SEAL wants her to help him renovate it, she can go along with that, too. She’s not going to fall in love with him, though. She’s learned her lesson when it comes to men.

Now Carter is doing his best to show Amanda how good life on the Ridge with him could be and she’s finding it hard to resist his vision of the future.

But when Amanda goes missing, Carter finds himself in a race against time to find her before he loses everything he loves—all over again.

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