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Author Cora Seton

AnnouncementsJan 29th, 2015

Cora Recommends: Her Secret, His Baby by Tanya Michaels

Who doesn't love cowboys? If you're looking for a cowboy series to indulge in while waiting for the next Cowboys of Chance Creek novel, I recommend The Colorado Cades series by Tanya Michaels. Her Secret, His Baby, the first in the series, was a 2014 RITA finalist--the most prominent award given within the romance fiction community. This book follows rancher Garrett…

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AnnouncementsJan 27th, 2015

Get It Before It’s Too Late!

There is still time to get your copy of the Cowboys Last All Night box set, featuring my novella “The Cowboy Inherits A Bride”. 5 NY Times bestselling authors, 5 cowboys stories, all for only 99 cents! “The Cowboy Inherits A Bride” is a prequel to the Cowboys of Chance Creek series. Find out how Sunshine and Cole really got…

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AnnouncementsJan 22nd, 2015

Cora Recommends: Waltz Back to Texas by MJ Fredrick

Are you suffering from cowboy withdrawal? While waiting for the next Cowboys of Chance Creek novel, check out the cowboys of MJ Fredrick's Lost in a Boom Townseries. Waltz Back to Texas, the first in the the series, tells the story of former soldier Grady McKenna and waitress-with-aspirations Cassidy Simon. Can a home-bound man convince an adventure-starved woman that a life together…

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AnnouncementsJan 20th, 2015

New Release: Cowboy 12 Pack Box Set!

Today is the release of the Cowboy 12 Pack box set, featuring my novel “The Cowboy Wins A Bride”. 12 New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors, 12 smokin' hot cowboy stories, 1 super low price. Get your copy today for only 99 cents! “The Cowboy Wins A Bride” is book 2 in the Cowboys of Chance Creek series. Jamie Lassiter just made…

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AnnouncementsJan 15th, 2015

Cora Recommends: Wedding Bands by Ev Bishop

If you've finished The Cowboy Inherits A Bride and are looking for your next must-read book, pick up the newly released Wedding Bands by Ev Bishop. The first book in the River's Sigh B&B series, Wedding Bands is a story about rediscovering lost love and second chances. Wedding Bands (book 1): Ditched by her high school sweetheart, Callum Archer, on the night they’re supposed to elope, Jo Kendall…

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AnnouncementsJan 13th, 2015

New Release: Cowboys Last All Night Box Set

Yesterday was the release of the Cowboys Last All Night box set, featuring my novella “The Cowboy Inherits A Bride.” 5 NY Times bestselling authors, 5 cowboys stories determined to keep you up all night! “The Cowboy Inherits A Bride” is a prequel to the Cowboys of Chance Creek series. Find out what happened between Sunshine and Cole *before* the series started.…

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AnnouncementsJan 8th, 2015

Cora Recommends: Her Perfect Cowboy by Trish Milburn

The "Cowboys Last All Night" box set, featuring my Cowboys of Chance Creek series prequel novella The Cowboy Inherits A Bride doesn't release until Monday, Jan 12. If you need some heartwarming cowboy romance to keep you occupied until then, check out Trish Milburn's Blue Falls, Texas series. Blue Falls, Texas is a fictitious western town that serves as the backdrop for each of…

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Heroes of Chance CreekJan 6th, 2015

Release Day: The Marine’s E-Mail Order Bride!

Today is the release of The Marine's E-Mail Order Bride! This novel is book 3 in my Heroes of Chance Creek series. Here’s an excerpt: The first time their hands brushed as they walked, she felt a little thrill. The second time she wondered if that touch was deliberate. She slid a glance under her lashes at the man beside her only…

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AnnouncementsJan 1st, 2015

A New Year and a New Release

Next Tuesday is the release of the next novel in my Heroes of Chance Creek series, The Marine's E-Mail Order Bride. Here’s a small sample: "It’s nice to meet you, Zane," she forced herself to say and held out her hand to him. Zane took it, shook, but didn't release her. "Nice to meet you too." His hand was strong, his…

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