January 6, 2015

Release Day: The Marine’s E-Mail Order Bride!

Today is the release of The Marine’s E-Mail Order Bride! This novel is book 3 in my Heroes of Chance Creek series. Here’s an excerpt:

The first time their hands brushed as they walked, she felt a little thrill. The second time she wondered if that touch was deliberate. She slid a glance under her lashes at the man beside her only to find him looking back at her. That heart-stopping smile curved his mouth once more and her breath caught in her throat. Was he flirting with her?

Their fingertips touched again and just for a second—a space of time so short she thought she must have imagined it—his fingers tangled with hers and gave her a little tug. She bit her lip as a jolt of desire ripped through her.

Get your copy now! Best of all, there’s no need to wait for the next book in the series. Book 4 in the Heroes of Chance Creek, The Navy SEAL’s Christmas Bride, is already available at AmazonBarnes & Noble, and Kobo. Why not get both books and treat yourself to some steamy military romance today?