June 24, 2013

Wood For Sale

Need wood? We’ve got lots, as you can see. Actually, this is nothing. We’ve sold lots of truckloads since last fall – enough to pay for the cost of having so many trees taken down.
Our neighbors still hate us for what we’ve done, and no amount of gardening or sprucing up the place will change their mind, probably. Eventually, our orchard will green up the place, but I’m afraid that’s still a few years off. Meanwhile, we’re stuck with a stark view of our neighbor’s house, which, incidently, has hardly a tree on the entire property. (Hmmm.) We’re known locally as “the folks who flattened that place on the southside”. Sigh. Yep, that’s us.
On the plus side, we’ve nearly finished splitting all those logs. My 16-year-old son handled most of it, with an electric splitter we swapped from a neighbor farther down the road for some cedar chunks and an overgrown rhododendron. I bet my son will be glad to see the end of that job.
And, about half of our fruit trees are in, along with 1,000 strawberry plants, some blackberries and a ton of lettuce. This won’t be our most productive year, but we’re much further along than we’d hoped to be due to the incredibly mild winter we had.
We’re debating whether or not to install a cedar or spruce hedge along the boundary between us and our riled-up neighbor. I’m all for it. The husband is taking a little convincing….