June 26, 2013

Chicken/Shed Update #2

A couple of days ago I posted about our new chicken coop/run attached to our small shed out back. Since he was working on the building already – jacking it up and installing the coop and run – my husband decided to go ahead and just turn the rest of the shed into a greenhouse/potting shed while he was at it.
He took off all the wood along one wall, and voila! – an old set of windows we’ve been holding onto for about six years miraculously fit perfectly. Well, almost perfectly. Since the shed itself isn’t exactly “square” anymore, the windows don’t line up perfectly, either, but that’s okay. The first of several greenhouses and cold frames we’ve planned, it’s great to open up the space to put our tomato plants. Terrace can be a cloudy, raining place at times, and tomatoes here need a boost of heat that only a greenhouse can give.
There’s hope for tomatoes this summer, yet. We had a number of cherry tomato plants growing already. For father’s day I got hubby a beefsteak one. We’ll see what we get…