December 16, 2014

New Release: The Navy SEAL’s Christmas Bride

It’s release day! The Navy SEAL’s Christmas Bride, book 4 in the Heroes of Chance Creek series, is now available as a standalone! Originally featured in The SEALs of Winter Box Set, this is the first time to own the standalone novella.

If you haven’t read The Navy SEAL’S Christmas Bride yet,  here’s what you’re missing…

“You owe me a kiss.”

She made a face. “Let’s get it over with.”

Get it over with? Surely this attraction couldn’t all be on his side. His body hummed with the knowledge of the kiss to come. Was she immune to him? Could she be when he felt this strong a need to touch her?

She met his gaze squarely at first, but when he shifted closer, her eyes widened and a flush crept over her cheeks. So she wasn’t immune, after all.


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