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Author Cora Seton


The Cowboy’s Stolen Bride (Book 4)

Coopers: 2, Turners: 1

With the Coopers taking the lead again in the battle for Chance Creek’s Founder’s Prize, Liam Turner is determined to put his family back on top. And if that means kidnapping his secret childhood crush, Tory Cooper, well, a cowboy’s got to do what a cowboy’s got to do.

Tory set herself one rule when she returned to Chance Creek: don’t get involved—with her own family or anyone else. As soon as she’s finished with law school, she’s leaving again, and she won’t be back. But her family won’t get the message, and Liam Turner is a problem on a whole different level. Handsome, smart and determined, he won’t shake easily.

And she’s not sure she wants him to.

Now the summer’s heating up, and so is the trouble for both their families. Soon they won’t be fighting each other; they’ll be fighting for their lives.

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