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Author Cora Seton


Beach House Wedding

Penelope Rider has transformed her uncle’s utilitarian beach house in Seahaven into a beautiful venue for intimate weddings, but she’s struggling to promote her new venture and her money is running out. When she offers a steep discount to a social media celebrity, who books the house for her ceremony, reception and the week leading up to her big day, Penelope hopes she’s finally gotten the break she needs—until a handsome stranger shows up claiming he booked the house over a year ago for a fishing vacation that same week.

It’s been a rough year for Westin Abbott the fourth, Wes to his friends. Just when he’s ready to start his own fishing charter business, his parents boot his sister from the family telecommunications business and demand Wes step in as CEO—right now. He’s agreed to take on the job, but not until after one last fishing trip with his favorite guide. He’s come back to Seahaven every year for a decade, but when he arrives this time he finds Fisherman’s Point is now EdgeCliff Manor, and a stranger is running the show. A very pretty stranger. She’s filled his quiet getaway with a raucous wedding party, and she claims she knows nothing of his longstanding booking.

Penelope can’t believe there’s an outstanding reservation left from her uncle’s fishing charter days. She’s got only one room left to offer Wes—the spare bedroom in her attic apartment. When he asks if there’s any way she can take him fishing on her uncle’s old boat, it’s hard to say no when one bad review could tank her business. Now she’s fishing in the morning and dealing with a bridezilla and her entourage the rest of the day.

Can she possibly pull this off?

Or will she lose the beach house she loves so much?

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