April 23, 2013


I sent The Cowboy’s Designer Bride off to my critique partner today, worked on an edit I’m doing for another author, then spent the afternoon creating a bookmark design. I need something to hand out in swag bags, etc., and a bookmark is the obvious answer. I used PrintPlace.com and was saved by their chat service. Otherwise I would have ended up with a million low-resolution bookmarks which would have been awful.

You can see the design above. I used this image instead of The Cowboy’s E-Mail Order Bride’s shirtless cowboy in a clinch for the sake of the more prim and proper readers in my audience. As my friends keep telling me, not everyone wants to flaunt around a naked man’s chest on the cover of their reading material – although every single one of them seems more than interested in checking it out when I show them the cover.

I’m happy with the way the image turned out. On the back of my bookmarks is my awesome recipe for mint chocolate chip cookies. Yummy. We’ve been making them so often here that I’m actually beginning to get sick of them. Impossible to imagine, right?

I won’t get my bookmarks until mid-May, unfortunately. I guess I should have done this sooner….