November 18, 2014

The SEALS of Winter Box Set is Now On Sale!

The SEALS of Winter Box Set, which includes my novella The Navy SEAL’s Christmas Bride, is available today. 9 authors, 9 stories about Navy SEALs, only $.99! My novella is the latest addition to the Heroes of Chance Creek series. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, here’s what you’re missing:

Without a word, he crossed the room, took her arm and led her straight to the doorway to the kitchen, where a large ball of mistletoe hung prominently. “You owe me a kiss.” She made a face. “Let’s get it over with.” She tilted her chin up and squinted her eyes shut. Get it over with? Surely this attraction couldn’t all be on his side. His body hummed with the knowledge of the kiss to come. Was she immune to him? Could she be when he felt this strong a need to touch her?

He leaned down, lifted her chin with his finger and brushed his lips over hers gently. She tried to pull back—as if that was payment enough for losing the bet. Dan wasn’t having that, though. He tugged her closer and slid one hand to cradle her head and the other around her back to keep her there.

At first she stood rigid under his touch, her mouth resolutely still, but a moment later, just as he thought her stubbornness might ruin the pleasure of this encounter for both of them, she gave in with a sigh, and parted her lips.


Check out the SEALS of Winter box set, featuring my novella The Navy SEAL’s Christmas Bride, today!