May 7, 2015

The Latest in the Cowboys of Chance Creek

Are you caught up on the The Cowboys of Chance Creek? The Cowboy Earns A Bride, book 8 in the series, is now available on all major platforms. EXCERPT:

“Can I drive you?” His nearness made it difficult for her to concentrate. It conjured up images of the night she’d spent in his arms. He’d made love to her so tenderly and thoroughly it made her ache now to think of it. “O-Okay.” “What time?” Luke reached out and touched her, just a gentle caress of his hand along her arm. He bent down and brushed his lips over hers. She shivered and leaned closer. She craved his warmth, his strength. She wished he would hold her until all her worries slipped away. “Nine-thirty. In the morning.”

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