June 23, 2015

Release Day – Dare Me Again!

Dare Me Again is now available! Dare Me Again is a Kindle Worlds novella set in Carly Phillips’ “Dare to Love” series. Kindle Worlds is a program Amazon developed that invites authors to create a story in a book series “world” that isn’t their own. If you haven’t read any of the books in Carly’s “Dare to Love” series, don’t worry! Dare Me Again is a stand-alone novella that can be enjoyed even if you’ve never read Carly’s series. Most importantly, Dare Me Again is a sexy, heartwarming story about characters you’ll love! Blurb:

Carolina Richmond makes a career out of being fearless, stepping into male-dominated locker rooms and head offices with equal ease to get the scoop for her ground breaking blog, Going Long. Now it’s time for a new adventure: parenthood. But the only thing that terrifies Carolina is committing to a man. That’s why she’s decided to seduce Connor Wright, a smoking hot football player who’s made no secret of his desire for her. She’ll accompany him to hotelier Robert Dare’s annual birthday bash just long enough to sweep him off his feet, then take him home for a night of passion. When daylight dawns, their relationship will end and she’ll be alone once more—and pregnant, if all goes well. Fullback Connor Wright has wanted Carolina from the very first time she elbowed a path through a post-game locker room crowd to interview him, and he’s determined to finally get past the walls she’s put up ever since. He’s ready to retire from football and settle down to start a family, and with Robert Dare’s birthday extravaganza coming up, he’ll get one more evening with the woman of his dreams. Can his sexy scheme convince independent Carolina to team up with him for good?

Get it today at Amazon! *Please note, because Kindle Worlds is an Amazon program, Dare Me Again is only available at Amazon. This is not my choice, but a restriction of the program. Thank you for understanding.