June 20, 2013

On the Road to Prince Rupert, Part 2

Yesterday I wrote about my trip to Prince Rupert, BC, with two good friends last week. I live in Terrace, BC, which is a small town about 500 miles due north of Vancouver. It’s a small logging town that’s in transition and is also somewhat of a base for many mining and natural resource projects around northern British Columbia. Prince Rupert is 1.5 hours away on the coast of Canada.
I left off after our hike on the Butze Rapids Trail. Exhausted, hot and hungry, the three of us made our way into Prince Rupert to eat lunch at the Crest Hotel. We’d ducked into the hotel before our hike to reserve my friend’s favorite table. Front and center on the wall of windows looking out over the water, it’s the perfect place for watching tankers, tour boats and tugs.
We made it to the hotel just in time and ordered our meals.