April 1, 2013

Happy Easter

We spent Easter morning at the Spotted Horse Nursery here in Terrace, BC, where Kathy Jackson and her family put on an amazing Easter egg hunt every year. Somehow the weather is always beautiful and today was no exception. It was cool when we arrived but warmed up during the morning and by afternoon we were in shorts.

While we waited for the bell to ring to start the Easter egg hunt, I went and checked out the horses who were definitely waiting for treats of their own and checking out all the kids ready to run the minute the hunt officially started.

You can see the grounds in this picture. By the time the hunt began there were kids everywhere, tiny to big. I’m amazed every year how well behaved the kids are. No one touches an egg until it’s time, and I often see bigger kids being very sweet and helpful with the little ones. One funny thing the Jacksons do is fill a big wooden box with straw and hide eggs in the straw. There are holes cut all over the box so that kids can reach in and feel around until they find an egg. Long past when all the regularly hidden ones have been found, a few determined kids hang around that box and keep finding more.

When the eggs have all been found, the Easter bunny makes a dash through the horse corral. I didn’t get a clear shot, unfortunately, but it’s hilarious. He leaps and frolics among the horses, then dives headfirst over the far fence and disappears. Afterwards everyone eats snacks, hangs out and talks, and the kids get tractor rides around the property.

Tractor 2 for blog

Another outstanding Easter!