November 1, 2019

Cora Seton’s 2019 Holiday Craft

Chance Creek Mason Jar Votives

Hi everyone,

Here’s a fun project that’s fast and easy—and versatile, too. You can make these holiday mason jar votives in a matter of minutes once you’ve assembled the supplies you need, and you can decorate them for any occasion/color scheme you want.

Click the red button to download the FULL instructions and the Chance Creek jar tag. Then follow along the visual guide below to help you complete the project.

We hope you share pictures of your mason jar votives with us in my Chance Creek Cheerleaders Facebook group. Wishing you all the best as you celebrate the holidays this year!

Download Instructions

Step 1


  • Mason jar(s): I save jars from the spaghetti sauce we buy.
  • Holiday fabric: Whatever color/patterns you like! In a pinch you could use wrapping paper or tissue paper for this.
  • Ribbon
  • Small ornaments, if desired
  • Printed “Chance Creek” labels
  • Votive candles: Choose battery candles if your fabric/ribbon overlaps the top of the jar at all or simply for safety’s sake.


Step 2

Once you’ve chosen the fabric(s) you plan to use, cut a strip long enough to wrap around your jar and overlap ends (or wrap around twice if your fabric is too transparent) and wide enough to fit the part of the jar you want to cover.


Step 3

Play around mixing and matching fabrics, if you like. You could wrap a wide strip of one fabric around your jar and then wrap a smaller width of contrasting fabric around on top of it.

Step 4

Secure the fabric with a contrasting ribbon, tied any way you like. You can play with ribbon placement, as well. Maybe you want to tie it around the middle of the jar. Or perhaps around the neck. (If it overlaps the opening of the jar, please choose a battery candle rather than one with a flame that could catch the fabric on fire.)

You can print out a Chance Creek label (included in the downloadable instructions above), punch a hole, and thread a bit of twine or ribbon through it to and add the label to your jar, too. Add small ornaments, if you like. Or tuck a sprig of holly into your ribbon. The possibilities are endless!


Step 5

Make sure your helper is cozy. Tiny Cat is in her element here.


The finished product

I can’t wait to see how yours turn out!