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Cora Seton

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Aaron Hall

Mason’s father, a caring hardworking man who died of an aneurysm when Mason was eighteen.

Aaron Hall, Jr.

Mason and Regan’s son.


One of the Taliban soldiers who come to America to guard Fila.

Abe Mortimer

Evan’s great-grandfather and the founder of Mortimer Innovations.

Abraham Hall

Mason’s grandfather.

Adam Carter

Firefighter working at the Chance Creek firehall. A veteran of five years, Adam is the captain of his response team.


Twenty-something years old, one of the girls who come to stay at the Cruz Ranch.


Rita’s husband.

Alan Higgens

Twenty-something, cab driver in Chance Creek.

Albert Dundy

Owner of Dundy’s Hardware.

Alex Cruz

Ethan’s father. Alex died in a car crash, but in life was known to be hardworking and loving to a fault.


Rose’s friend, a local photographer.


Nineteen years old, new hire at Renfree’s Home Decor. Although intelligent and enthusiastic, Allison lacks interest in the repetitive aspects of her work. She dreams of getting into online marketing.

Allison Bellingham

Rose’s late grandmother, a plainspoken woman.

Alma Henderson

Woman who lives on the same street as Brynn.

Amanda Hathaway

Former owner of Mandy’s Cowgirl Emporium, which Heloise bought from her.

Amanda Hollister

Evan’s secretary at Mortimer Innovations. Evan overpays her, but she makes up for it with trust and loyalty.

Amanda Stone

Elderly woman who used to live on the Matheson Ranch. Amanda and Luke were close when he was a boy, and he still takes care of her when she needs something.

Amanda Strassberg

Fourth victim of the serial killer Samuel Grady. Amanda was saved at the last second by Cab Johnson and is currently recovering in the hospital.

Amy Tate

Edward Tate's wife and Morgan's stepmother.

Andrea Moore

Salesgirl at Thayer’s Jewelers and a friend of Rose’s.


Member of Evan’s crew on Can You Beat a Billionaire.


Twenty-something years old, one of the girls who come to stay at the Cruz Ranch. Angel is sweet but seems to need help navigating the world.

Anna Langway

Works for a humanitarian project immunizing children in Afghanistan against tuberculosis. Anna was an associate of Aria Cruz and does her best to carry on the late woman’s work rescuing child brides.

Annamaria Morales

Regan’s neighbor, an older woman.

Anne Goodman

Rich, beautiful girl who attends a party at Cassidy Wineries in Victoria.

Annette Hill

Client of the Chance Creek Pet Clinic.

Annie Much

Hank’s wife.

Anthony Black

Ella’s fiance, an actor in the running for Best Actor.

Antonio Morales

Annamaria’s husband.

Aria Cruz

Ethan’s mother, recently died in a car wreck. Aria loved luxury and travel and her overspending drove the Cruz Ranch into debt.

Arianna Cruz

Ethan and Autumn’s daughter.

Art Caulfield

Old friend of Aaron’s.

Art Redder

Deal’s uncle, owner of Redder Auction House.

Audrey Ward

Heather’s mother, a kind, supportive woman.

Austin Hall

Special Forces officer, a year younger than Mason. Austin is more serious than his twin Zane.

Autumn Leeds

24 years old, born and raised in New York City. As a writer for CityPretty magazine, Autumn came to Chance Creek to write a piece on Ethan Cruz, the cowboy who wants to E-mail order a bride. As a dedicated career girl, Autumn never wanted a husband or kids - until she met Ethan.

Bart Lawton

Tracey’s boyfriend, a man from Butte.

Bart Start

Mia’s father, a conservative man dedicated to his church.


Autumn’s best friend in New York City. Becka supported Autumn in going to Montana to meet Ethan.

Belinda Hall

Darren’s wife, a mother of five. Belinda is dedicated and works hard to support her family, but has dreams of doing more.

Bella Chatham

Owner of the Chance Creek Pet Clinic. An emotionally expressive woman, Bella spends her days treating people’s pets and her nights caring for strays. All her time and money is devoted to her animals, and she lives and sleeps in a small trailer behind her clinic. Although she grew up on a ranch, Bella hates horses. Through intelligence and determination, Bella graduated top of her class in high school before attending Montana State University and then Colorado State University.

Ben Donovan

Austin’s best friend in the Special Forces, died in action over a year ago.

Bettie Henderson

Sixty-something, serves as a witness at Austin’s wedding.

Bill Hardy

The Mathesons’ neighbor.


An officer in Billings.

Brenda Mortimer

Nate’s wife.

Brynn Price

Works at a grocery store. Although she vowed to start her own business, Brynn has abandoned her dream to support herself and her deadbeat husband.

Buddy Hooks

Handyman with a hauling business.

Cab Johnson

Twenty-eight years old, the county sheriff like his father before him. Level-headed and reserved, Cab is content to stay out of the spotlight and is well-suited to his job. He excels in pistol competitions.

Camila Torres

Woman from Houston determined to open a Mexican restaurant in Chance Creek. Camila is confident, friendly, and talkative.

Carl Whitfield

Self-made millionaire from California, engaged to Lacey Taylor. Carl is unpopular in Chance Creek, both for cheating a respected family out of their ranch and for dressing and acting like a cowboy despite not knowing the first thing about being one.


Young woman who meets Fila while traveling to Washington D.C for Kayla’s bridal shower.

Carly Russel

Customer at Renfree’s Home Decor.

Carol Donovan

Ben’s mother.

Carol Feuerstein

Rafe’s wife.

Carrie Benton

Post office worker in Chance Creek.

Carrie Ellis

An acquaintance of Claire’s in Billings.


Twenty-two year old woman who meets Fila on a bus in Minnesota. Catherine attends a college in Fargo.


Secretary who began working at Ledstrom Designs after former secretary Edie ran away with owner Daniel Ledstrom.

Chase Edgars

Austin’s friend in the Special Forces. Austin once saved Chase’s life.

Chelsea Wight

Recent high school graduate intent on getting married.

Cheyenne Willow

Storm’s mother. Cheyenne was once a cheerful and capable mother but began depending on Storm for support following the death of her husband.


Member of Evan’s crew on Can You Beat a Billionaire.

Chris Price

Brynn’s husband, a jobless alcoholic.


Twenty-something years old, one of the girls who come to stay at the Cruz Ranch. Christine is married with a child.

Claire Cruz

Twenty-nine years old, Ethan’s sister. Claire is a talented rider, but differences with her mother pushed her away from the ranch. Now she works as an interior designer at Ledstrom Designs in Billings, and is determined to sell the family ranch in order to pay off her mother’s debts.

Cody Frank

Hannah’s boyfriend, an arrogant and somewhat crude man. Cody is self-employed.

Colt Hall

Mason’s brother, the youngest, an Air Force combat controller. Colt has a nervous energy and quick wit and is more interested in dating than marriage.

Craig Chatham

Bella’s brother, older by five years and a veterinarian specializing in horses and livestock. Craig and Bella were close once, but an incident in the past drove them apart.


Woman Darren built a basement suite for.

Daisy Willow

Nine years old, Storm’s sister.

Dan Ellis

Boy Regan knew in sixth grade.

Daniel Ledstrom

Owner of Ledstrom Designs. Daniel dated his employee Claire Cruz before running away with his secretary Edie, leaving Claire to take over the business.

Daniel Wallace

Firefighter on Adam’s response team.

Daniel Warden

Rob’s old classmate.


Chris Price’s drinking buddy.

Darren Hall

Mason’s cousin, works in construction. Darren has a reputation for being irresponsible and hates ranching.

Dave Winters

High school shop teacher.


Maya’s boyfriend.

Delilah Leavensworth

Presenter for the Oscar award ceremony.

Dick Schneider

Owns a large spread ten miles outside of Chance Creek. Dick’s spread has a large feral cat population.

Dirk Wright

Owner of the Sunset Ranch.

Donna Renners

Sixty-something, serves as a witness at Austin’s wedding.

Donna Richmond

Retired teacher.

Doug Standle

Nineteen-years old, high school dropout.

Duncan Cassidy

Elliot’s son, an ambitious but sometimes aggressive man.


Sergeant Jack Briggs’s uncle, who lost a friend serving in the Gulf War and blamed himself.

Ed Brookings

Fire chief who has worked at the Chance Creek firehall for over thirty years.


Secretary at Ledstrom Designs before running away with her boss Daniel.


New worker at Cassidy Wineries.

Edward Tate

Morgan’s father, an anthropologist at the University of Victoria. Instead of providing for Morgan, Edward left that task to her grandparents.

Elaine Scranton

Ellis’s wife.

Eleanor Hutton

George’s wife.

Eli King

Firefighter on Adam’s response team.

Ella Scales

An up-and-coming Hollywood actress nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Award. Though she has devoted her life to becoming a successful actress, Ella grew up in the country and once dreamed of being an equine therapist. She is very conscious of her figure and eats vegetarian.

Ellie Donaldson

Sixty-something years old. Owner of Ellie’s Bridals, Ellie is a boisterous woman with a biting sense of humor.

Elliot Cassidy

Owner of Cassidy Wineries in Victoria, a strict but respected boss.

Ellis Bristol

Twenty-something, an agreeable man working as Madelyn’s assistant on Can You Beat a Billionaire.

Ellis Scranton

Forty-two years old, a wealthy middle-aged man. Despite being married, he had an affair with Mia Start and got her pregnant.


Served with Sarah in the Army. Elsa, along with Sarah and Janie, put in extra hours of training in the hopes of entering the elite branches of the military.

Emma Larson

Woman who took riding lessons at Crescent Hall when she was a kid. Emma recently moved back into town and is interested in buying a bakery.

Emmett Hardy

One of Rose’s clients when she worked as a housekeeper. Emmett tried to take advantage of Rose and had an altercation with her father.

Emory Thayer

Jason’s widowed father and a close friend of Rose’s parents, owner of Thayer’s Jewelers for over thirty years. Emory is overbearing and a stickler for cleanliness.

Enid Start

Mia’s mother, a conservative woman who emphasizes family values and prizes her commitment to her church.

Eric Rutherfield

Friend of Colt’s from the Air Force, forced to leave after taking a bullet to the shoulder.


Regan’s ex-boyfriend who was mostly interested in her for her apartment.

Erik Whittleton

Autumn’s ex in New York City. A chef.

Ethan Cruz

Twenty-eight years old, grew up in Chance Creek and worked his family’s ranch all his life. When his parents died in a car wreck, Ethan inherited the ranch - in addition to a mountain of debt. His fiancee, Lacey Taylor, left him as soon as she learned how much debt he was in, and his sister Claire is determined to sell the ranch out from under him to recoup her losses. Despite tragedy and heartbreak, Ethan is determined to keep the ranch in the family.

Ethel Ledstrom

Daniel’s mother.

Eva Lorimer

Works in data analysis in Victoria.

Evan Mortimer

Billionaire at Mortimer Innovations in San Jose. Evan is athletic and one of the West Coast’s richest bachelors. Good-hearted but practical, Evan dreams of pursuing innovation in environmental capitalism.

Fila Sahar

Twenty-two years old, a captive of the Taliban promised as a bride to an undercover agent in America. Fila was born to Afghani parents in Connecticut, where she lived until she was twelve. She loves cooking, pop music, and most of all reading.


Sergeant in the U.S. Army, Mason’s superior.


Neighbor to the Matheson hunting cabin who lives in his own cabin most of the year.

Fred Warner

Middle-aged beauty pageant judge with a seedy reputation.

Frieda Smith

Young woman hired part time at Fila’s Familia.

Gabriel Hall

Zane and Storm’s son.

Georgette Harris

Works at a feed store in a town near Chance Creek.

Greg Hutton

Man in Chance Creek.

Greg Masters

Middle-aged justice of the peace.

Hank Much

Sixty-eight years old, Ella’s driver and bodyguard. Formerly a Mr. Universe contestant, he has kept in shape in his advanced age.

Hannah Ashton

Twenty-five years old, receptionist at the Chance Creek Pet Clinic. Hannah has worked for her closest friend, Bella Chatham, for four years and shares her boss’s affection for animals. A quiet, sensible girl, she has been working since she was twelve and supporting herself since she was eighteen. Although she graduated college with a degree in biology, her financial situation prevented her from getting the education she needs to pursue her dream of becoming a veterinarian in her own right. She currently lives with her boyfriend, Cody Frank.

Hannah O'Dell

Jamie’s ex.

Harriet Lynch

Owner of a doberman, client of the Chance Creek Pet Clinic.

Heloise Hall

Eighty-something years old, Mason’s great aunt. Heloise is eccentric and opinionated.

Henry Delaford

Had an unsavory reputation in Chance Creek and was ultimately run out of town.

Henry Dillon

Man who had an altercation with Ned.

Henry Montlake

Local cowboy who takes an interest in Cheyenne.

Holt Matheson

Rob’s father, authoritative but fair and dependable. Holt is very organized and likes to keep calendars in every barn and shed in his ranch. He was an only child growing up, and is invested in filling his ranch with grandchildren.

Inez Winter

Former friend of Mia’s from her days as a beauty pageant contestant.

Ingrid Deck

Local artist in Chance Creek.


Sergeant Jack Briggs’ aunt.

Irene Littlefield

Mason’s girlfriend when he was a boy.

Jack Briggs

Sergeant who shares a room with Austin.

Jack Matheson

Rob and Morgan’s son.

Jack Richey

Regan’s former boss at Town and Country Bank.

Jacob Monk

Firefighter on Adam’s response team.

Jake Cramer

Host of Can You Beat a Billionaire, a poised and elegant British man.

Jake Matheson

Thirty-three years old, Rob’s brother. As the oldest of the Matheson brothers, Jake is in line to inherit the Double-Bar-K when Holt retires. Jake is a natural leader, despite being somewhat sloppy and occasionally careless. He is concerned about climate change and passionate about sustainable ranching.

James Sullivan

Brynn’s father, a reckless man.

Jamie Lassiter

Works on the Cruz Ranch. Known as the best horse trainer west of the Mississippi and a notorious womanizer. Jamie's dad, wanting him to be an investment banker, forced him to attend Montana State. Although he hated every minute of school and returned to ranching as soon as he could, earning his BA in business administration left him with shrewd financial skills that have served him well.


Served with Sarah in the Army.

Jason Thayer

Rose’s fiance, currently working the oil fields in North Dakota.


Kayaking instructor working for the show Can You Beat a Billionaire.

Jessie Henry

Georgette’s boyfriend.

Jillian Hodgeson

Caterer in Victoria.


Zipline instructor working for the show Can You Beat a Billionaire.

Joey Hall

Darren and Belinda’s youngest child, recently entered kindergarten.

John Bowton

Served with Zane in the Marines.

Jolene Manning

Realtor in Chance Creek.

Julie Hall

Mason’s mother, a kind, fun-loving woman who moved the family to Florida after Aaron died and Zeke seized the ranch.

Julie Simpson

Marine Zane knows through the Army.

Katy Mortimer

Two-years-old, Nate’s daughter.


Young woman who meets Fila while travelling to Washington D.C. for her bridal shower.

Kaylee Lipenhauer

Actress nominated for the same award as Ella.

Ken Smith

Corporal in the U.S. Army.

Kenna North

Storm’s boss, a tough, serious mountaineer.

Kevin Coulter

Old man and regular at Linda’s Diner. After suffering an injury that left him unable to work his ranch, he has devoted his time to pursuing conspiracy theories.


Associate of Daniel Ledstrom.

Lacey Taylor

Ethan Cruz’s ex-fiancee, now engaged to Carl Whitfield. Lacey craves attention, and is known to be flirtatious and unfaithful when drunk.


Friend of Regan’s, recently married and moved to New Hampshire.


Sergeant serving with Colt in the Air Force.

Lila White

One of Mia’s clients.

Lily Leeds

Autumn’s sister. Lily is driven and hardworking like her mother and runs a physical therapy clinic.


Morgan’s half-sister, Edward’s daughter.

Linette Wilcox

Head of several committees at the church attended by the Start family.

Lisa Matheson

Rob’s mother, married to Holt for thirty-four years. Lisa is gentle, with a love for gardening and nature in general.


Twenty-something years old, one of the girls who come to stay at the Cruz Ranch. Liz works for a publishing company.

Lorrena Sullivan

Brynn’s mother, an alcoholic.


Worker for the show Can You Beat a Billionaire.

Luke Matheson

Twenty-nine years old, Rob’s brother. Luke is hardworking and rarely complains. He likes to be prepared for everything, and has a need for things to be ordered and in their proper places.

Luthor Redgrave

Owner of the Dancing Boot.

Mack Mackenzie

Horse trainer, worked on the Cruz ranch since Ethan was a boy. Perpetually in good spirits, Mack was loud and full of jokes. Jamie Lassiter took over his job when he left.


Twenty-something years old, ring leader of the girls who come to stay at the Cruz Ranch. A physical education teacher at a private school, Maddy is athletic and peppy.

Madelyn Framingham

Director of Can You beat a Billionaire, an intimidating and controlling woman.

Maggie Silverton

Gentle, elderly veterinarian who mentored Bella and left her the Chance Creek Pet Clinic.

Marcy Sharp

Owner of a cat, client of the Chance Creek Pet Clinic.


Editor of CityPretty Magazine.

Marge Ransom

Elderly woman.

Marianne Hollins

Ella’s best friend and agent and the one who got Ella into acting in the first place.

Marion Fitzpatrick

Doctor in Chance Creek.

Marjorie Douglas

Owner of Marjorie’s Manes.

Mason Hall

Lieutenant commander in the U.S. Army. Mason has served for ten years, and is known for his tendency to find the shortest and most direct approach to missions. In addition to ranching and military operations, he has an interest in history and natural science.

Mateo Torres

Camila’s older brother, a chef who heads the family restaurant in Houston.

Matt Underwood

Thirty-something years old, Ethan’s accountant. Matt is down-to-earth and helpful.

May Bowton

John’s wife.

Maya Turner

Twenty-four years old, Noah’s sister. Maya is quiet and dreamy.


One of the Taliban soldiers who come to America to guard Fila.

Melanie Monroe

Respondent to Colt’s ad, a practical woman with dreams of starting a spa.

Mia Start

Twenty-one years old, cashier at Dundy’s Hardware. Mia still lives with her parents and is coping with an unexpected pregnancy. After winning a number of teenage beauty pageants, Mia is struggling to define herself as an adult.

Michael Hall

Austin and Ella’s son.

Mitch Willow

Storm’s deceased father who made a career out of surfing.

Morgan Tate

Thirty-something years old, Ethan’s half-sister. Morgan is the assistant manager of Cassidy Wineries in Victoria, where she’s worked for ten years.

Mr. Helmsly

Guidance counselor at Chance Creek Senior High, originally from a big city.

Mrs. Martin

Determined tutor at an elementary school in Chance Creek.

Mrs. McConnelly

Brynn’s neighbor.

Mrs. Ramsey

Rob's old teacher.

Myra Cramer

Host of talk show Morning with Myra, a woman with some influence in the acting community.

Nancy Hardy

Bill’s wife.


Makeup artist for the show Can You Beat a Billionaire.

Nate Mortimer

Evan’s younger brother. Nate doesn’t share Evan’s environmental consciousness and would prefer to invest in oil.

Ned Matheson

Thirty-two years old, Rob’s brother. Taking after his father, Ned is hot-tempered and quick-witted. He loves tinkering and is a genius with mechanics.

Netta Sullivan

Brynn’s sister, who abruptly left town five years ago.


Member of Bella’s crew on Can You Beat a Billionaire.

Noah Turner

Twenty-eight years old, works the Flying W with his siblings and cousins.


Tracey’s sister, a Marine on active duty.

Oliver Handel

An escaped criminal.

Omar Akhund

Taliban field commander.

Owen Boon

Firefighter on Adam’s response team.

Pamela Matheson

Mia’s daughter.

Pat Fullman

Man whose roof Darren repaired.

Patty Akins

Owner of a schnauzer, client of the Chance Creek Pet Clinic.


Member of Bella’s crew on Can You Beat a Billionaire.

Rachel Winderton

Girl Regan knew in sixth grade.

Rafe Feuerstein

Served with Zane in the marines.


Permanent worker at Cassidy Wineries.

Regan Anderson

Former loan officer at Town and Country Bank in New York City. Regan hates working in finance and wants to start her own consulting business. She wants a family, too, and has chosen to pursue artificial insemination. Regan has a passion for restoring homes.

Renee Peterson

Friend of Heather’s.

Richard Slater

Lieutenant commander slated to take over Mason’s position when he goes home.

Richard Ward

Twelve years old, Heather’s son. Richard works at Renfree’s with his mother.


Friend of Regan’s, recently married and moved to New Jersey.

Rob Matheson

Twenty-eight years old, Lives on the ranch beside Ethan’s which he works with his father and his brothers. Rob is one of Ethan’s closest and most supportive friends, but also his nemesis in an ongoing prank war. the youngest of four sons, Rob is passionate about his work and rodeo.


Associate of Daniel Ledstrom.

Rose Bellingham

Twenty-four years old, salesgirl at Thayer Jewelers. An imaginative, lively woman with dreams of becoming an artist, Rose has a knack for determining if an engagement will last. She rents a carriage behind her fiance’s father’s house.


Laurel’s husband.

Ryan Miller

Firefighter on Adam’s response team.


Young boy who Fila befriended in Afghanistan.


Kenna’s fiance.

Samuel Grady

Serial killer operating out of Tucker Hills. After beating three women to death, Samuel was caught in the act and is now in prison awaiting trial.

Santiago Morales

Annamaria’s baby.

Sarah Fullman

Pat's Wife.

Sarah Metlin

Sergeant in the U.S. Army. An old classmate of Regan’s, Sarah comes from a very traditional military family.

Steel Cooper

Friend of Darren’s.

Stella Turner

Noah’s sister. Stella is accustomed to ranch work and lives to ride horses.

Stephanie Lakins

Owner of Linda’s Diner.

Storm Willow

Twenty-three years old, personal assistant to a mountaineer in Santa Cruz. Storm has learned to be responsible by caring for her three younger sisters.


Acquaintance of Regan’s, an artist.

Susan Beecham

Cashier at Dundy’s Hardware.

Susan Wright

Middle-aged, serves as a witness at Zane’s wedding.

Sylvie Chatham

Bella’s mother.

Tanner Hudson

Corporal serving with Colt in the Air Force.

Tara Kramer

Friend of Morgan’s from university. She lives in Napa, California.

Taylor Remington

Evan’s ex. After seeking Evan out at a convention, Taylor tried to rope him into a longterm relationship. Her efforts did not end well.


Edie’s ex-husband, whom she left for Daniel Ledstrom.

Ted Hennessey

Forty-something, owner of a winery in Napa.

Teresa Leeds

Autumn’s mother. Teresa was once a happy stay-at-home mom, but when her husband ran away with a travel agent, leaving her and her daughters completely broke, she hardened and dedicated her life to work. She is now the owner of a successful OB-GYN business. Still distrustful of men, Teresa taught her children to be self-supporting and avoid marriage.


Permanent worker at Cassidy Wineries.

Thomas Stone

Hired hand on the Double-Bar-K and Amanda’s husband before he passed away.


Reverend at the Anglican church attended by the Start family.

Todd Winters

Storm’s ex-boyfriend.


Police officer.

Tom Bends


Tom Hennessey


Trisha Bentley

Waitress at Rafters.

Vern Douglas

Lives on the same street as Brynn.

Violet Willow

Nine years old, Storm’s sister.


Leader of the Taliban soldiers who come to America to guard Fila.

Walter Chatham

Bella’s father.

Walter Lassiter

Jamie’s great-grandfather, the last Lassiter to own a ranch.

Zane Hall

A Gunnery Sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps. Zane is quicker to laugh than his twin Austin.

Zoe Willow

Twelve years old, Storm’s sister.

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