June 1, 2014

Chance Creek Cheerleaders!

If you haven’t been by my Facebook page lately, you may not know about my reader group – the Chance Creek Cheerleaders. No, you don’t have to wear a mini-skirt or wave pom-poms to join, but you do need to be willing to cheer me on a bit when I’m crunching on deadlines and you need to be willing to indulge me when I get a crazy idea, like my new book club!

That’s right – come enjoy a virtual book club with 230 new friends. Each month I’ll randomly draw a cheerleader to pick our next book club book (not one of mine). We’ll post links to the book and give everyone a week or so to read it, and then start the discussion. Whenever possible I’ll get the author to stop by and a do a live chat with us, too! Tons of fun!

So hop on over to my Facebook page and click the CHance Creek Cheerleaders button to join today. We’re waiting for you….:)