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Author Cora Seton

AnnouncementsAug 30th, 2013

Sad and Happy News

So, the sad news we came home to last week was that one of our chickens didn't make it through the summer. Unfortunately, the coop they boarded in while we were gone didn't have a roof, and we hadn't clipped our chickens' wings. One of them flew the coop, and was never seen again. RIP Sammy. The happier news is…

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AnnouncementsAug 27th, 2013

Book Release Schedule Update

Shh! Don't tell anyone, but I took almost the whole summer off. I packed my husband and kids onto a plane and zipped off to the Adirondacks for over 3 weeks, then on to Santa Cruz, California for another week. I arrived back home just in time to scramble to get ready for my next book release - The Cowboy…

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