BCTerrace BCThe Homestead • Sep 2nd, 2013

Yummy Brussels Sprouts!

I love Brussels Sprouts, and as I've said earlier, I had no idea you could just grow them in your garden. I spent a decade in Santa Cruz, California, where farmers grow them on the cliffs beside the ocean up Highway One, and I'd always supposed it took that exactly climate to be able to grow them correctly.
Happily, I was wrong! They grow just fine in my own garden here in Northern BC. And to prove it, I harvested some, steamed them, slathered them with butter and dill, and ate them yesterday as part of a harvest day attempt to process (and eat) everything in my garden that was piling up. They were yummy. The only question I need to answer is that they're supposed to be harvested after a frost, and there's no way the ones I picked yesterday would make it that long. I either need to plant later, or do something differently. Or maybe freeze the sprouts before we eat them? Not sure, but will find out.
I also harvested a bunch of cayenne peppers off a plant we bought this spring at the farmer's market. I guess I didn't really believe they were cayenne peppers.…


ChickensGardenMy Small Town LifeTerrace BCThe Homestead • Aug 30th, 2013

Sad and Happy News

So, the sad news we came home to last week was that one of our chickens didn't make it through the summer. Unfortunately, the coop they boarded in while we were gone didn't have a roof, and we hadn't clipped our chickens' wings. One of them flew the coop, and was never seen again. RIP Sammy.
The happier news is that the other three are all in good health, and began to lay eggs! The family presented us with our chickens' very first egg (carefully blown and preserved) and my daughter has placed it in a handmade felted "nest" on our mantlepiece. Each chicken is currently laying an egg per day, usually between 8 am and noon. My daughter loves to hunt for them in their pen and brings them in daily. We are all very impressed with our chickens.
In other good news, we're feasting almost daily one salads from our garden, peas galore, and I'm waiting for one strange squash to ripen enough to pick. (If only I knew what it was, and when to pick it!)
In very exciting news, my brussels sprounts plants have survived, and I believe I'll actually get to eat brussels sprouts later…


ChickensTerrace BCThe Homestead • Jun 21st, 2013

Chicken update

We finally finished the chickens' coop and run. It's embarrassing how long it took to get that done, and even more embarrassing to admit how long our poor chickens lived in a cardboard box in my office!
But they're happy now, and I'm happy they're out of here. Don't get me wrong - I love my chickens, but the smell was getting a little intense! After much (much!) debate, we decided to hang our run off the back of the smaller two outbuildings that came with this house. That meant my husband had to haul out all the wood we'd been storing in there, and he figured as long as he was cutting holes in the walls, he might as well do a complete reno on the shed.
First he had to jack it up and level the building. Next he installed the "coop" part of the chicken coop inside the building and made a door to the outside. (I need to go back and get more photos, I'm realizing). We can shut this door up tight for nighttimes, then open it up again in the morning. The door opens down and acts like a ramp for the chickens to…


ChickensMy Small Town LifeThe Homestead • Apr 8th, 2013

First Baby Chick Movie – Baby Chick Goes to Sleep!

We finally got our baby chicks today! They are camped out in my office, which is now well over 80 degrees. I’m sweating, but they love it. They were exhausted when we brought them in, and kept falling asleep. Just like human infants, they get tired to the point where they can’t fight it anymore, and they sag…until they’re conked out.

I’m just learning to make movies with my ipad, so this one’s super-short!

Tell me what you think – what else would you like to know about or see. I’ve taken a ton of pictures, too, and will continue to do so each day so we can all watch them grow together.

Check back tomorrow for another movie…..


The Homestead • Apr 5th, 2013

Clearing Brush

When we bought our acre property, it was about a third wooded, with 60 – 75 foot tall trees lining either side of it. I love trees, but a fully shaded lot doesn’t make for good growing conditions. Some of them had to go.

We got our friend Richard in who’s handy with a chain saw and he got to work. At first I was on the side of the trees. I really didn’t want any of them taken down. But then one day as I was at my desk writing a book I looked out my window and one of those 60 foot tall trees on the border of our yard just keeled over while I watched, missing one of our outbuildings by mere feet. I have never seen a tree fall over on it’s own before, and as I pictured one of my kids or my husband under it when it went, I changed my mind about this tree-knocking-over business. Like a bunch of people had been trying to tell me, these are trees that should have been trimmed years ago – they’re at the end of their lives and they’re going to go one way or the other.



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