ChickensGardenMy Small Town LifeTerrace BCThe Homestead • Aug 30th, 2013

Sad and Happy News

So, the sad news we came home to last week was that one of our chickens didn't make it through the summer. Unfortunately, the coop they boarded in while we were gone didn't have a roof, and we hadn't clipped our chickens' wings. One of them flew the coop, and was never seen again. RIP Sammy.
The happier news is that the other three are all in good health, and began to lay eggs! The family presented us with our chickens' very first egg (carefully blown and preserved) and my daughter has placed it in a handmade felted "nest" on our mantlepiece. Each chicken is currently laying an egg per day, usually between 8 am and noon. My daughter loves to hunt for them in their pen and brings them in daily. We are all very impressed with our chickens.
In other good news, we're feasting almost daily one salads from our garden, peas galore, and I'm waiting for one strange squash to ripen enough to pick. (If only I knew what it was, and when to pick it!)
In very exciting news, my brussels sprounts plants have survived, and I believe I'll actually get to eat brussels sprouts later…


Garden • Jun 28th, 2013

The Flower Garden

Last Saturday I looked at my flower garden and couldn't stand it anymore. So I spent an afternoon weathering bouts of searing sunshine and misty rain to dig out almost every plant within it and move them all around.
When I inherited the garden last spring, it took some time just to clear out all the plants that didn't belong in it. I'm not sure how many years it had been left to run wild, but it was overgrown with weeds and had a short row of cedar trees in it I didn't care for. Half of the garden had been in shade, but now it's all in complete sunshine all day long, so some plants simply haven't made the transition.
I took what was left and moved them into more pleasing positions, then realized what the overall problem was. Almost every one of them is of medium height, making for a rather uniform - and boring - garden. Now I need to go buy short plants and tall, spiky plants. My dahlias coming in will at least help fit the latter bill, but I really should run out and get a ton of annuals.
But here's the problem. In…


CraftsGarden • Apr 2nd, 2013

Getting Ready for the Garden

We’re planting a ton of vegetables this year at our new house, and my daughter and I decided to try something we saw on Pinterest. We’re painting rocks bright colors with Patio paint from the craft store, and will use permanent markers to write the names of the vegetable varieties on them and embellish them with designs.

I love the colors. Somehow I thought we had way more rocks, however. However, the day we went to collect rocks for the project, it was freezing on Ferry Island and we lasted for all of about five minutes. You can see the gray sky on our way there – that’s Copper Mountain/Thornhill Mountain in the background.

Ferry Island has walking trails and campgrounds, and is surrounded by the Skeena River. There are plenty of rocks.

Yeah – it was cold…(poor daughter)

We need to put a final coat of paint on them, and then we’ll get decorating!


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